National Security Projects, and the Active Shooter Video Suite

Connor Patrick Griffin and Joseph Yearego produced, wrote, edited, and directed a number of short-and-feature videos on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security to communicate federal guidance in response to Active Shooter and Active Threat events. These videos took the form of scripted vignettes as well as documentaries whereby subject matter experts were interviewed to provide content mastery and state-of-practice information regarding emerging-threat cycles. These videos were disseminated nationwide by DHS. More videos for this effort, created and produced by members of our team, exist at https://www.dhs.gov/private-citizen. Additionally, members of our team have supported federal contracts to produce media content on behalf of the United States Naval Research Lab, Federal Protection Service, and National Park Service.

YouTube Content

Film Theory and Original Content

Dauphine Productions launched a YouTube channel in November of 2018 to discuss lesser-known films coming to theaters, conduct deep dives in film theory and history, and to debut original content. All content is filmed at Dauphine Productions’ studio in Tucson, Arizona, utilizing green screens, various video effects, and 4K-cinematography.


Giving Your Sound a Look

Dauphine has worked with a number of bands to produce tailored music videos in support of their music. Our work includes pre-production scripting and storyboarding of the music video, as well as on-set production and post-production editing of the content to assure continuity between band messaging and content. Videos below reflect an array of styles, from live-event recording to in-studio productions and SFX/narrative driven videos.


Advertising and Marketing

Dauphine executives have worked with a number of non-profit organizations and businesses alike to spread their stories as well as the message of their causes, products, and passions. Joseph Yearego's work in this field has been aired on the Martha Stewart Show and CNN, and his work with CRIZMAC garnered critical acclaim including the New York Film Festival's World Bronze Medal.